Monday, 19 February 2007


January 11th. That's when the wind got knocked out of this blog. That was my first sarod lesson.

It was like discovering a whole landscape to explore. I felt I was running into the hills.
A rollercoaster I'm building as I go. Hammering like crazy, pulling rails out of a back pocket. A cartoon figure. Building a path through the air, suspended amongst the forest so as not to disturb it. No footprints. The rail is invented in space.
That's what it's like, learning something.

The laying down of keratin at the roots of my fingernails echoes the construction of neuronal pathways as I build my knowledge of the sarod at the level of bodily practice. And absorb the body of knowledge embodied by the instrument.

Watch a plant grow in this light.
A tree of learning.

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The Unknown Potter said...

well, good to read your musings from afar.
I have a sarod and I think to pick it up I looked for thoughts on strong fingernails to play with-looks like yours are naturally strong.
-take care