Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Language consists of grunts, tics, gestures, tones, melodies, flourishes, as much as discrete words.
Sounds are fuzzy haloes of meaning rather than fixed objects. Writing obscures this fact.

I'd like to make a landscape of words. A text somehow melded with a junglescape. Huge scale, sumptuous like a book. A lightbox?
Perhaps a series, some using non-Roman script. Or a palimpsest.
Some in which the text is readable, poetic even.


Dene Grigar said...

I agree with your notion of language and have been working to get my students to understand this. I work with light and sound installations and also believe there can be a langauge of light and that light can be a text, that it has textuality.

Wynona said...

Thanks for writing this.