Monday, 15 January 2007

Language, Embodiment and Self-Hypnosis

I've been thinking recently a lot about how to make an image of the literate, symbolic scene overlaid, underlying, or embedded in the 'natural', ie non-human, embodied landscape. Like the 'code rain' from 'The Matrix' movies which has become almost a visual cliche now.

Here are a couple of beautiful plays on the idea that other people have made.
I think both of these artists have amazing bodies of work, in terms of range, depth and lightness. And, considering I'd never come across them before, it's extraordinary how much sympathetic resonance I feel.

Thomas Broomé's ModernMantra drawings.

And here you'll find three text pieces which seem to be realizations of my recent daydreams, 'Written Forms', 'Composition', and 'Text Rain'

The work of both these artists are well worth exploring in depth, so I'll leave you now to wander around their websites.

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sashay said...

..both these artists?
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